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Suiton (Water Release) area of elemental Nature Transformation are techniques that allow the user to manipulate bodies of water. If a water source is not available, water can be generated by the user in some instances. Suiton no Jutsu are typically reshaped to suit the situation, be it a wall of a creature for attack. Water is not limited to conventional bodies of water, being extended to include fog, oil, and syrup. It seems to be common of ninja from Kirigakure. Water release ninjutsu are commonly affiliated with the bird hand seal.

A Suiton no Jutsu is strong against a fire jutsu, but a sufficiently powerful fire attack can cause a water jutsu to evaporate. Water release will naturally be overcome by a Earth Ninjutsu. Certain water users, such as Hozuki Suigetsu, are also weak against Raiton no Jutsu.

Suiton also has a good relationship with Fuuton; used together, an Water/Wind combo has quite the powerful concussive, offensive, destructive power. The Wind-natured chakra is seen used to add much more pressure to the water technique, giving it more impact force.

Water-natured chakra is a component of at least two, and possibly three, different Kekkei Genkai. When blended with Wind, water can produce Ice. When blended with Earth, water can produce Wood. It is also a component of Storm, together with Lightning. When blended with fire, it can produce boil.