Alternate Names: Senmon Bango Juhatsu Jutsu (Specialty #18 Technique).

Translation: Exploding Clay • C3, Detonating Clay • C3.

Type: Ninjutsu.

Element: 100px-Nature Icon Earth.svg

Hand Seals: Half Tiger.

Rank: None.

Description: Kibaku Nendo • C3 is a Ninjutsu technique of the Akatsuki member Deidara utilizing the Earth Element. Withdrawing a bit of clay from his pouch, one of the mouths can consume the clay and fashion it into a creature. Deidara can then make the item bigger after forming the necessary hand seals. He will retain control over the item and can decide what actions the clay art will take.

Deidara possesses a specialty jutsu which can cause massive damage. Deidara imbues his explosive art with his chakra, in this technique's case he imbues his clay model with his most explosive chakra, called C3. After he sends the model off, he can use a release command to detonate it. It is capable of destroy a small village.

Based On: Doton no Jutsu - Kibaku Nendo.

Users: Deidara.

Classification Edit