Translation: Exploding Clay • C2 Dragon, Detonating Clay • C2 Dragon.

Type: Ninjutsu.

Element: 100px-Nature Icon Earth.svg

Hand Seals: Special Clap → Ram.

Rank: None.

Description: Kibaku Nendo • C2 Dragon is a Ninjutsu technique of the Akatsuki member Deidara utilizing the Earth Element. After withdrawing a bit of clay from his pouch, Deidara will use his palm mouths to consume the clay and fashion it into a dragon which is infused with his C2 chakra.

Deidara will act in conjunction with Tobi to create a combination attack meant to stop an agile opponent. The large dragon will first drawn in some of its tail to create numerous spheres which it will expel from its mouth. The dragon can then take to the air and while Tobi places the spheres underground, beneath the feet of their opponent. From his position in the air, Deidara can launch smaller, more explosive C2 dragons towards his target. This combination of land mines and aerial attacks will box his opponent in, making any wrong move their last.

Based On: Doton no Jutsu - Kibaku Nendo.

Users: Deidara.

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