These bitches love Sosa O End or no end [ Fucking with them O boys You gon' get fucked over] Rari's and Rovers These hoes love Chief Sosa [ Hit him with that cobra Now that boy slumped over They do it all for Sosa] You boys ain't making no noise Ya'll know I'm a grown boy Your clique full of broke boys God ya'll some broke boys God ya'll some broke boys [ We GBE dope boys We got lots of dough boy]

[Verse 1] [ These bitches love Sosa And they love them Glo' Boys] [ Know we from the 'Go boy But we cannot go boy] [ No I don't know ol' boy I know he's a broke boy] [ Raris and Rovers Convertibles, Lambos boy] [ You know I got bands boy And it's in my pants boy] [ Disrespect them O Boys You won't speak again boy] [ Don't think that I'm playin boy No we don't use hands boy] No we don't do friends boy Collect bands I'm a land lord [ I gets lotsa commas I can fuck yo mama] [ I ain't with the drama You can meet my llama] Ridin with 3hunna With 300 foreigns [ These bitches see Chief Sosa I swear to god they all on]


[Verse 2] [ Don't make me call D. Rose boy He six double-o boy] [ And he keep that pole boy You gon' get fucked over] [ Bitch I done sell soda And I done sell coca] [ She gon' clap for Sosa He gon' clap for Sosa] [ They do it for Sosa Them hoes they do it for Sosa] [ Tadoe off that Molly water So nigga be cool like water Fore you get hit with this lava] Bitch I'm the trending topic Don't care no price I'll cop it b And yo bitch steady jockin' me

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